Bathroom Design: All You Need to Know

Bathroom Design: All You Need to Know

When you want to design a bathroom, you should consider its primary purpose and whoever it will serve. Is it a master bath for a couple of the house? Or is it a bathroom for the kids? How old are the users? Is the bathroom for your in-laws, or is it attached to an all-purpose guest bedroom? These questions should guide you on the kind of bathroom design.

Any bathroom, whether big or small, can take a lot longer to remodel than you might first think, but this can be made simple by a little planning. Whether you are working alone on this plan or with a contractor, the step-by-step guide below herein will help you to plan, design, and build your new bathroom quickly and save you time, money, and hassle.

The Layout

It is not easy to attain the best bathroom layout, especially when you are building a new home. However, when you are remodelling an existing bathroom, it could be less daunting because the plumbing structure is already in place. But even if the old layout is already available, you should think carefully about changing the whole built. Is it worth the cost? At this time, you should consider single or double vanities’ shower, tub, or both. Also, think of where you’re going to put the toilet.

Plumbing work

If you get your bathroom plumbing right, then you will have a perfect bathroom. Using the right-sized pipes and drains will make a massive difference in the functionality of the bathroom; but the more extensive the drain; the less likely it is to clog.

Bathroom Floor and heating

All modern bathrooms have tiled floors which also help in retaining heat, and your bathroom should not be any different. You can invest in the heating system and have a timer to regulate the worming to avoid running all day unnecessarily.


You cannot plan for your bathroom without considering the toilet. Whether you are interested in a modern wall-mounted model or a more traditional floor-mounted model, you have to get advice from a professional plumber because it’s directly related to the general plumbing.

Vanities and Sinks

Modern bathroom vanities have a lot more drawer storage than they used to. Drawers are accessible and are more flexible. You should set the height of your vanity depending on whether you want a sink flush that has a countertop or a vessel sink that only sit on top of it. Currently, the standard height for bathroom vanity is about 36” which is similar to the kitchen. However, you can opt for a floating vanity.


Bathrooms are part of our lives, and you should consider yours as necessary as any other room in your house and perhaps even more crucial than you can imagine. That’s why we entrust Hobart Bathroom Renovations every time! When planning for your bathroom, consider the lighting system, windows, vent fan and skylights. With the few tips provided above, you can have an easy way out when planning for your bathroom, but you can seek help from other professionals when necessary. All the best!

What to Ask Your Builder before Renovating Your Bathroom

Before renovating your bathroom, there are vital questions you need to ask your builder to ensure that the remodelling is done seamlessly.

Here are the key questions to ask your builder before assigning them for a bathroom renovation Mackay.

What’s the best flooring for my restroom? 

Regardless of anything else, consider safety while choosing anew floor for your restroom. At times, safety implies overlooking the helpful pictures displayed in very good quality home magazines, which frequently exhibit unrealistic marble floors. Venturing out of a tub with wet feet onto a cleaned marble floor is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Therefore, consider slip-safe ceramic tile. Also, in case you’re contemplating carpeting your restroom, don’t. Carpeting is totally inadmissible for the washroom. The carpet absorbs water, grows terrible smells, and expands the danger of moulds and mould development. In like manner, genuine wood and overlay flooring are unsatisfactory for the washroom since they can in the long run twist or delaminate from exposure to water. Waterproof flooring, such as tile or vinyl offer the best options for your bathroom floor.

 How might I make enough stockpiling? 

Most washrooms have less area than different rooms in the house, yet they need to store a lot of fundamentals, from cleanser to latrine cleaner, and from mouthwash to visitor towels. While there may not be sufficient space in a washroom to oblige a full material wardrobe, you can expand capacity by thinking creatively. Settle on an encased vanity rather than a platform sink to give under-sink stockpiling. Plan to install a lot of towel bars or snares, and utilize stackable receptacles in cupboards.  Before you think of creating more storage solutions, consider what to put where—and organize making ordinary use things like washing items available where you need them most. 

Do I need a shower or only a tub? 

If a property holder has the advantage of having more than one restroom in the house, it’s a smart thought to install a walk-in-shower in at least one of them. If you have a shower somewhere in the house, then only a tub is presumably fine in the current redesign. Else, you ought to include a walk-in-shower as your future investment.

How significant is ventilation? 

Washrooms are famously moist. Similarly as long, hot showers leave mirrors steamed up, that equivalent dampness likewise coats the walls and woodwork—regardless of whether you don’t see it. The damp condition can turn into a favourable place for mould and mildew, except if you take allots to dry the space. 

What would it be advisable for me to search for in new washroom installations? 

Property owners have an abundance of alternatives to choose from while updating the washroom, including fixtures that offer a mix of incredible plan, solace, and high effectiveness. Notwithstanding, fixture costs add up rapidly, with extravagant conveniences like warmed latrine seats and high-end showers furnished with different shower heads. 

Putting the greatest emphasis on productive features can assist you with recovering expenses in your month to month service bills while additionally profiting.